Goldfish Selling At Work (A Few of My Favorite Stories)

  • Man:  Can I get some orandas?
  • Me:  What size tank do you have?
  • Man:  Two 250 gallon tanks.
  • Me:  Yes... Just... pick which ones you want.
  •  -----
  • Woman:  I want a koi fish.
  • Me:  ... They're pond fish. Do you have a pond?
  • Woman:  No. But I already have one and I don't want it to be lonely.
  • Me:  Uh... What... size tank?
  • Woman:  25 gallons.
  • Me:  Yeah I'm not selling you a koi.
  •  -----
  • Young Girl:  Can I get a goldfish?
  • Me:  What size tank do you have?
  • Young Girl:  29 gallons!
  • Me:  Great! Do you have anything else in it?
  • Young Girl:  About four other goldfish.
  • Me:  ... Nnn... no.
  •  -----
  • Woman:  *brings me sad looking little fantail in a deflated bag*
  • Woman:  I bought this goldfish a few weeks ago and I want to return it.
  • Me:  Okay. What's wrong with it?
  • Woman:  It just sits on the bottom of my tank and doesn't swim around! When I first got it, it was so energetic!
  • Me:  ... What's your set up like?
  • Woman:  He's in one of these! *points to a one gallon tank*
  • Me:  ...... I....
  • Woman:  And I feed him this! *picks up betta food*
  • Me:  I'm gonna just take your goldfish okay?
  •  -----
  • Woman:  Can I get a goldfish?
  • Me:  What size tank do you have?
  • Woman:  55 gallon!
  • Me:  Great! What else is it stocked with?
  • Woman:  Two angel fish, one pleco, some tiger barbs, another catfish I think, a bunch of platys. Oh! And a few snails.
  • Me:  Goldfish can only be with other goldfish...
  • Woman:  Are you kidding me???
  •  -----
  • Man:  Can I get 25 of your feeder fish?
  • Me:  Okay! What are you feeding?
  • Man:  Oh. I'm not feeding them to anything. That's cruel! I'm just getting them as party favors for my son's birthday party. It's fish themed!
  • Me:  Sir. I'm not giving you feeder fish.
  • Man:  Why not??
  • Me:  They are not to be sold as party favors or prizes.
  • Man:  Well that's just ridiculous!
  •  -----
  • Literally everyone:  I want one goldfish!
  • Me:  They need at least 29 gallons.
  • Literally everyone:  But they're so tiny!!!



"there is nothing wrong with our school system"

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just out of curiosity, reblog this if your family has ever made you feel bad about:

  • your weight
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  • your taste in music 

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Part of me just wants to cuddle with you until we fall asleep and part of me wants to make you moan until your lungs give out

The struggle is real

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Nika Samarina


Nika Samarina

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